Getting your own space is like everyone’s dream in life, you want somewhere your guys can come over to and you all can play PS5, or it’s lady’s night for you and your girls, could even be a family thing, a place to come to after a hard day’s job or travel. Your space, your home gangan but before buying one you probably are confused on what type of house to buy. There are different types of houses to suit everyone’s lifestyle, I have listed some here to help.


  1. Bungalow: This is simply a single floor self-contained building with any number of rooms in it. it’s one of the most common houses built and could be designed to suit individual tastes, architecture wise it’s not all that exquisite but with a nice finishing touches and good interior design you it becomes an idyllic place to live in. It’s common for a family with an older population as the lack of stairs makes it easy to move in.
  • Condominium(condo): A Condo is a privately owned apartment within a community of other apartments I.e the building as a whole is owned and governed by an elected body, you’re just responsible for your individual condo. It is usually found in high-rise buildings e.g 1004. You might want to consider buying a condo if you are looking to make better social connections as you’re surrounded by other units. Also, you get to take advantage of shared amenities such as swimming pool, basketball court etc.
  • Mansion: Mansions are expensive large properties, it’s basically a large fancy home. There’s like a gazillion of space, so you can have your whole family come live with you if you have a large family which is good for bonding and creating beautiful memories just like the good old days. The high resale value is also a pro in the purchase of a mansion.
  • Duplex: One of the common house types is a duplex, it’s a multifamily home that has two units attached to each other, either next to each other or above each other with separate entrances. It’s also referred to as a                 maisonette. Buying a duplex is a big-time real estate investment because you get the chance to kill two birds with one stone as you can have one unit to yourself and family then rent out the other unit thereby generating extra income for yourself.

If you’re looking to buy a house in Lagos hopefully this article helps you in your decision on what type to get.

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