The decision of buying a house is one of the biggest anyone makes at some point in life, mainly because it’s not just going to be a building but a home where memories of a lifetime would be made.

Therefore, you’d definitely want to get it right! So here are some factors you should consider:

  1. Getting a good agent: I know you have a location in mind or maybe you don’t, the importance of getting a good real estate agent makes the decision of buying your new home so much easier to make, they’re like your guardian angel in your search, instead of dedicating hours and hours on end which might not be a plausible thing given the luxury of time for you, an agent does the leg work for you and narrowing the search down by a great landslide.
  1. Location: Now you’ve found your agent, the location is the next thing to consider. It’s your dream home and you would want it in a location that’s serene and secure. Proximity to work, traffic and security are some of the major points to think of before choosing a location. Is it a water-logged area? You don’t want to start paddling a canoe to leave your home. Is it close to the airport? Having your house far away and missing important flights or meetings due to distance or traffic isn’t something you’d want happening to you. We all know Lagos and traffic are besties but you can make things easier if you are choosing a location that’s not so much of traffic logged. Therefore, finding a location that grants you easy access to places you frequent is on the list of things to consider.
  1. Sellability and Renovations: Buying a house is dependent on your needs and preferences, but you might find a house in the location you prefer but it doesn’t suit your taste or lifestyle, the materials used, color or even the design before buying the house, the worth of renovation is a crucial factor to consider.
    You might even outgrow your home as change is constant consequently finding yourself in a situation where you must sell your home in the future. Therefore, buying a home with a strong resale value is important.
  1. Finances: Your budget is one of the most important things to also consider, buying a new home is a big financial decision, therefore before making this investment ensure that your budget matches with what you have in mind. Prices vary according to locations, designs, etc. So do your research and consider the financing options available for you before buying the house.

The decision is yours to make, knowing what you want. Contact Emcel Properties to aid your decision of being a house owner in Lagos.

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